Road Trip Day 6 – Adrian, TX – Ft. Smith, AR

Historic Tucumcari Train Station

What a long day! Ridiculous rains through the Texas panhandle, into Oklahoma, and on. Road construction didn’t help, either (Whoever got the contract for those orange highway barrels must have made million$).

Highlights of the day? A breakfast of Ugly Crust Lemon Meringue pie at the Midway Café (the official AAA mid-point of Historic Route 66), and talking with owner Fran.

Fran - Owner of the Midway Cafe

Apparently, this place has become a “must” for travelers foreign and domestic who are making the Route 66 pilgrimage. In fact, Fran and Tia, one of the waitresses, were inspirations for two of the characters in the movie “Cars”.

Gas Prices Frozen in Another Era

While the rest of this tiny town is showing the signs of neglect after I-40 came through, this little restaurant is a bright spot. More about this place in a later blog. After Adrian, it was a quick stop at the, uhh, unique barbed wire museum, “Devil Rope Barbed Wire Museum” in  McClean, Texas.

Devil's Wire Museum

The only other bright spot in the day was having dinner with a couple longtime friends from Oklahoma City. I worked with David and Mark years ago at Feed The children and we’ve managed to stay in touch all these years. Both are extremely talented videographers and more. David has become a successful artist – with shows in Santa Fe  art galleries. (You can check out his work here –, and here – Wow!

I’ve pretty much put up the camera now. While I’m sure I could find some interesting places to visit this side of OKC, I’d much rather be cruising around Route 66 or the Southwest. Tonight, I’m staying in a dumpy motel that rivals many I’ve stayed in overseas. It’s a little gross but I just couldn’t drive anymore and choices were slim.The GPS tells me I have about 14 hours of driving left to go and I’m going to try to make it in one swoop tomorrow. If I’m not too tired after passing through Knoxville, it’s just 3 more hours from there to Boone – through the mountains of TN and NC. I’m hoping traffic isn’t ridiculous going past Pigeon Forge – home of Dollywood – on a Fourth of July weekend. Ouch!


About Gary's Road Trip

Television Producer and Professional Photographer working with humanitarian organizations on behalf of the world's impoverished.
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