Day 5 – Still in Santa Fe

An Unamed Brake Repair Company

Well – apparently the brake mechanic at (company name withheld to avoid embarrassing them) in Kingman, AZ wasn’t as attentive as he should have been. Having the front brakes worked on – which is delaying me further. I’m 4 miles from downtown but my car is in the shop!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up Chimayo Mission this afternoon and then on to Tucumcari for the night. It’s going to make for some long days if I want to get to Boone by the 4th. Geni, Josh, and Evie will be up to the house and I don’t want to miss them.

Filling in for yesterday (since I was too tired to write much) – rainstorms all along the way from the Grand Canyon to Albuquerque. I stopped at a few Indian handicrafts shops in the hopes of replacing a concho bracelet that I had bought years ago at Red Earth Festival in OKC. (apparently some needy person decided they needed it more than me a few years back). What is it with Southwest gifts shops and dinosaurs, anyway??


Dinosaurus Rex

Dinosaurus Rex


Mostly, though, I just kept driving – past gorgeous buttes, mesas, and desert vistas bathed in late afternoon light. I wanted to get to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks late day and still had to get up to Santa Fe.

Light was off and on at the park but I’m happy with some of the shots. I posted a few yesterday but in case you missed, here they are again.


Petrified Forest



Painted Desert - The Teepees



Petrified Forest


I hope to post some great shots of Chimayo Mission tonight. Then it’s going to be a speed-run through Adrian and then onward – maybe OKC? We’ll see.


About Gary's Road Trip

Television Producer and Professional Photographer working with humanitarian organizations on behalf of the world's impoverished.
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