T-minus 4 Days

“The Route”

I’m really not sure sure where or when the idea of turning my cross-country drive into a road trip and blog happened – it just sorta clicked into place as I was considering the route I would take, days needed, etc.. This is my third time driving across the U.S.A. but the first time I haven’t had a tight deadline waiting for me on the other side. It’s rather freeing, actually.

So here’s the plan – roughly –

Leave Visalia at O’Dark Thirty on Sunday, June 27th. Destination? Yosemite National Park and a day of shooting all those iconic, natural wonders I climbed over and around in my younger days and will miss terribly – El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls. Next, drive across Tioga Pass and arrive at Mono Lake in time to set up and catch the sunset. Day 2 – on to Zion National Park to photograph scenes I have only in my memory. Hopefully I can recapture them in glorious digital. After that, the schedule becomes a little less, well, scheduled. I’ll mosey on to the Grand Canyon South rim and then on to Santa Fe, NM. Who knows what I’ll find along the way? I’ll be searching for old sections of historic Route 66, maybe try eating the Big Texan 72 ox. steak dinner in Amarillo. Then, on to Oklahoma City, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and then Boone NC.

I hope to post photos and experiences all along the way. Hope it works and hope you’ll stay with me.


About Gary's Road Trip

Television Producer and Professional Photographer working with humanitarian organizations on behalf of the world's impoverished.
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3 Responses to T-minus 4 Days

  1. Susan Triplett says:

    Wow! I’m jealous…….I would LOVE to go to Yosemite and “shoot”……… I know you will be taking some AWESOME pictures and I can not wait to see them. I hope you have a safe trip!! I look forward to hearing more about your journey…….

  2. Hey Gary,

    It looks like you have planned out a wonderful trip. I’m from Oklahoma and I would suggest an open roast beef sandwich at the Cattleman’s Cafe in the old OKC stockyards. I’m driving there in July just for that meal! HaHa… I would also check out the old round barn on Route 66 in Arcadia outside of Edmond. Cool place, lots of history! Take care of yourself…John

    • Hey John – I remember the Cattlemen’s Cafe from when I lived there wayyyy back when. Don’t recall the old barn – I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestions.

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